History of the Rotary Club of Brimbank Central

Introduction to The Rotary Club of Brimbank Central

Originally known as the Rotary Club of St. Albans, this club was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Keilor and was Chartered on 9 May 1975.The club started with Wednesday lunchtime meetings, and In July 1978 this was changed to an evening meeting.

With the amalgamation of the Keilor and Sunshine Councils, the name of the Rotary Club was changed on 15 October 1997, to The Rotary Club of Brimbank Central Inc.

Our 40th Anniversary will be celebrated on 9th May 2015.

At the Rotary Club of Brimbank Central we have a long history of involvement in all avenues of Rotary Service, including International Service, Community Service, Youth Service and Vocational Service.

We have been involved in many varied and interesting projects and intend to use this page of our website to feature some of them from time to time.

Sister Club - The Rotary Club of Shiroi, Chiba, Japan

Shiroi Chi (City) is located 35 kilometers east from the centre of Tokyo within the Chiba Prefecture (State). Shiroi has a population of approximately 50,000 covering an area of 35.41 square kilometers, covering residential, forest and agricultural lands.

Shiroi has 5 junior high schools with one senior high school and attractions include the Cultural Centre, Planetarium and Athletics Centre.

Our Sister Club agreement started in 1994 in conjunction with a student exchange programme between Keilor Downs Secondary College and the Schools of Shiroi, Japan. This exchange is on the basis of friendship between Japan and Australia and to world peace resulting in prosperity and long lasting friendship for all.

We have had a number of delegations from the Rotary Club of Brimbank Central visit the Rotary Club of Shiroi and we have received them as visitors to Brimbank as well. They will be represented at our 40th Anniversary celebrations on 9th May.